Up Lighting

Colour Options We can offer a lot of different looks with up lighting ,really it is only limited by your imagination .However it is not possible to mix dark colours i.e. brown , dark blue etc. with up lighting , basically you can start with primaries and get brighter from there.

You can really do whatever you want with your up lighting , use colours to compliment your wedding colour scheme, contrast to your colour scheme or just splash colour everywhere.

MOVEMENT  Why not use the up lighting to create movement by simply slowly changing colour either simultaneously or move the colours around the room on a slow chase . They  can be put on a slow chase that can do a variety of movements such as all lights changing to the same colour together or the colour slowly shifting around the room  or even randomly jumping from fitting to fitting. Some areas can be a static colour while others move. I am completely open to ideas if I can achieve what you would like I will do it for you. 


When you have book with us on the forms you fill out you will be asked about colour scheme for your wedding so that it will help with the up lighting but that is only the most basic form I am happy to discuss with you whatever you would like to do . I have 16 up lights that come included in the packages all of these are battery operated and very bright most are hex led up lights and can mix a very wide variety of colours except as I said before dark colours. These can even be changed to sound activated once dancing starts.

Also it looks wonderful to have your cake spot lit it will just make it pop.


Using Colour variations


Highlighting Bridal Table and Cake